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Culinary Kidney Cooks is:

"A nationally-recognized dialysis diet cookbook, plus great cooking, food and kidney diet nutrition information for people on a dialysis diet, updated weekly."

Culinary Kidney Cooks offers:

"Cooking for David:
A Culinary Dialysis Cookbook"
- full of practical renal diet guidelines and  food preparation information, in addition to recipes, that you can use to prepare healthy, satisfying meals on a renal dialysis diet. Lots of kidney disease recipes and kidney failure recipes for your renal failure diet.

The cookbook covers both non-diabetic diets and diabetic dialysis diets.

Recipes of the Week -
Dialysis recipes for your
cooking pleasure from the cookbook.

Helpful Hints of the Week -
Expanded dialysis nutrition
information about the
food in this week's recipe. 

"Food Pyramid for Healthy Eating with Kidney Disease"
 - in English & Spanish in pads of 25 sheets for healthcare professionals to use in dialysis clinics and hospitals.  Click here for more information.

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Culinary Kidney Cooks!

"Cooking for David:
A Culinary Dialysis Cookbook"
The best-selling, most recommended dialysis cookbook available.  Over 40,000 copies in print!  See our readers comments on the book.

Attention RD's: we have free cookbook brochures available.  Click here for more information.

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"Cooking for David:
A Culinary Dialysis Cookbook."

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Culinary Kidney Cooks "Food Pyramid for Healthy Eating with Kidney Disease" is now available in Spanish and English in pads of 25 color sheets.

Recipe of the Week

Click here for  the Recipe of the Week from the cookbook for the week of August 11th, 2014.

Hint of the Week
for your Dialysis Diet

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for this week's Helpful Hints on dialysis nutrition related to this weeks' recipe for the week of Helpful Hints for the Week of August 11th, 2014.

Culinary Kidney Cooks
is a partnership of:


Sara Colman, RD, CSR, CDE, Renal Dietitian, Nutrition Educator 


Dorothy Gordon, BS, RN, experienced culinary dialysis diet cook


Eric Brooks, PE, Webmaster

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