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Culinary Kidney Cooks published  "Cooking For David, A Culinary Dialysis Cookbook" for renal and renal diabetic dialysis patients and their caregivers in September 2000.  This modern and up-to-date dialysis cookbook is filled with helpful information on food composition, food trade-offs, cooking tips, favorite recipe modifications, portions and menus, as well as 160 culinary recipes to cook at home.  The recipes are simple to follow and were developed by Sara Colman, RD, CDE, Renal Dietitian, Nutrition Educator and Dorothy Gordon, BS, RN.

In April of 2003, Culinary Kidney Cooks launched its second successful product for the kidney disease community: our "Food Pyramid for Healthy Eating with Kidney Disease."  This two-sided color Food Pyramid is designed to be customized for each individual's particular diet needs by a Renal Dietitian in a dialysis clinic setting.  It is available in English and in Spanish.  Please click here for more information on this exciting new product to benefit the dialysis community!  

The Story of Culinary Kidney Cooks:

Dorothy Gordon's husband David was diagnosed with End Stage Renal Disease, or ESRD in 1997, and began needing to follow a strict dialysis diet immediately.   Eating took on new effort and importance for Dorothy and David, because no longer can one take eating for granted when on kidney dialysis.  With guidance from David's Renal Dietitian Sara Colman, Dorothy began reworking her family's favorite recipes to meet the new parameters demanded by the dialysis diet.


Sara Colman, a Registered Dietitian and specialist in the End Stage Renal Diet, saw how much effort and dedication Dorothy put into cooking for David, and she and the Gordons soon became close friends.  Sara has many years of experience teaching people how to eat and maintain proper nutrition on the strict renal diet, and had always dreamed of writing a cookbook to help her many dialysis patients cope with eating while on dialysis.  Sara's passion is food and cooking, and the timing was finally right to publish a cookbook combining her professional expertise and personal joy.


For the next three years, Dorothy and Sara tirelessly developed and tested recipes, using sophisticated food analysis software to design and adjust the composition of potassium, sodium, phosphorous, and protein in the recipes, with David as the ultimate judge of their success.  Anyone on dialysis will benefit tremendously from the strict but satisfying diet control the recipes help maintain.


 Because of Sara and Dorothy's dedication to making their dream a reality, many more people with kidney failure will be able to use and enjoy "Cooking For David, A Culinary Dialysis Cookbook", for a better diet, for better health, and a better life on dialysis. 

The Culinary Kidney Cooks Team:

We are a team of three interested in sharing recipes, food facts, and dialysis related nutrition information. We hope to create a site that serves as a useful, interesting resource for anyone dealing with kidney failure. We welcome your comments and suggestions to help us accomplish this goal.

Sara is a Registered Dietitian and Certified Specialist in Renal Nutrition. She is also a Certified Diabetes Educator.  She has ten years experience working with kidney failure patients and their families.  She loves to experiment with food, and is regarded as an excellent cook in her circle of friends.

Dorothy is a retired Registered Nurse and mother of seven children and eleven grandchildren.  She is a talented, creative cook. Dorothy has several years’ experience preparing meals for her husband David’s renal diet on a daily basis.

Eric is a Professional Engineer and Webmaster of CulinaryKidneyCooks.com. He translates our concepts to make them web workable in the hope that through the gift of the Internet, many more people will be able to benefit from the renal diet work we have done.

Sara and Dorothy co-wrote "Cooking for David: A Culinary Dialysis Cookbook". They want to share their recipes with people with kidney failure and their families to help make mealtime more enjoyable. Recipes from the book are posted weekly at this website. 

Here’s what Sara and Dorothy say about the book…

Why "Cooking for David" was written:

Writing the cookbook was an adventure in putting into practice day to day preparation of meals based on the dietary requirements for those on kidney dialysis. David Gordon is one of many people faced with the difficult life changes that dialysis requires.  The treatment entails sitting in a recliner for 4 hours 3 times a week while his blood is filtered through a dialysis machine. This is uncomfortable as well as boring and leaves David feeling tired after the treatment. 

The required diet restrictions are another equally irksome aspect of kidney failure. As a talented cook, Dorothy’s heart went out to David every time she prepared and shared unseasoned bland meals from the restricted renal diet. She began to work in more satisfying variations of the recipes she had been using.  Her objective was to create recipes tasty enough to replace the foods her husband loves and can no longer eat. These same recipes are now included in social eating events with family and friends. With medical nutritional guidance from renal dietitian Sara Colman, "Cooking for David: A Culinary Dialysis Cookbook" was created. Our hope is to help others dealing with the complexities and challenges of following a renal diet.

Dorothy Gordon BS, RN
Sara Colman, RD, CDE, CSR, Renal Dietitian, Nutrition Educator

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