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Here are a few comments we have received about
"Cooking for David: A Culinary Dialysis Cookbook":

"I just want to thank you for your cookbook.  My father lives in Georgia and received a lot of information about what he could NOT eat, but nothing helping him prepare meals about what he COULD eat.  I sent him your book and he is so impressed and so much happier and relaxed about his upcoming dialysis.  Thank you Thank you Thank you!"
- Betsy Rutherford


"I just want to compliment you on your "Cooking for David" cookbook which I
just received yesterday. Of the 3 renal diet cookbooks which I have bought
for my sister-in-law, yours had by far the MOST information in the preface
written for the laywoman (in this case) -and is definitely the most
attractive book.  Each individual recipe having the information with it
as far as diet exchanges, sodium, potassium amounts, etc. is so helpful. 
A wonderful book!!!  Thank you." 
- Mary Bennoch


"My patients have nothing but great comments about your cookbook and [ I ] have highly recommended it to my new patients coming into the unit. Thank you!"
- Linda Noto, R.D.
Western NY Dialysis Center, Orchard Park, NY


"I ordered the "Cooking for David" cookbook for my sister, Mary Watson,
who had chemotherapy and as a result, severe kidney damage...So far we have tried about six
of the recipes and I'm sure it will be our main cookbook from now on.
Everything has been delicious.  My favorite is the Meatball Stroganoff.  In my attempt
to prove to my sister that her diet wouldn't be all bad (which I wasn't at all sure of)
I told her I would eat what she eats.  I think we are eating at least as well as we did before - maybe better than ever.   Anyway, many thanks for the cookbook.  It has made a difficult situation much easier and we are grateful that we continue to enjoy good meals."
- Julie Schulz
Tallahassee FL


"Hello Culinary Kidney Cooks,
My colleague and I have thoroughly enjoyed and are promoting your cookbook
in our dialysis unit. We just printed your recipe of the week for our patients."
-Marla  McKerracher R.D.
Richmond Hill, Ontario


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