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New Product for Kidney Health Professionals  

"Food Pyramid for Healthy Eating with Kidney Disease"

Now available in English and Spanish versions!

Culinary Kidney Cooks offers our "Food Pyramid for Healthy Eating with Kidney Disease.This simplified kidney diet food pyramid is designed to give patients and their caregivers an additional tool to better understand and achieve the goals of medical nutrition therapy for kidney disease.

(Click on the images below for a closer look at the Food Pyramid.)

English Front side                                 English Back side



Spanish Front side                               Spanish Back side


(Click on the images above for a closer look at the Food Pyramid.)

Both versions of the Food Pyramid include the following seven food groups on the front side with blanks for Dietitians to fill in the patient's specific daily serving goal for each group:


High Protein Foods


Grains & Cereals, Breads, Crackers & Snacks




Fruits & Fruit Juices


Dairy Products


Non-dairy Milk Substitutes



On the back side of the Food Pyramid, "Foods to Limit or Avoid" are grouped in three categories:


High Sodium


High Potassium


High Phosphorus

Because no two patients' nutrition needs are exactly the same (based on weight, current blood analysis, other health complications, etc.) the Food Pyramid is designed with blanks to be customized for each individual patient's nutrition goals, and is therefore meant for distribution by healthcare professionals.

Suggested uses for the "Food Pyramid for Healthy Eating with Kidney Disease" include:

New Patient Diet Introduction  Family Member Diet Review 
Yearly Food Plan Update  Long Term Care Facility Food Guide
Tool to Teach Students/Interns Renal Diet In-Service Handout

High Potassium/Phosphorus/Sodium Food Reminder

Available in pads of 25 two-sided tear-off color sheets.

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