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Culinary Kidney Cooks recently received the following letter regarding "Cooking for David: A Culinary Dialysis Cookbook."   We reprinted it here in the hope that it will inspire you as much as it touched and inspired us:

From:  Susann Gardner, Harvest, AL, mother of 7, caretaker of 2 dialysis patients

To:      Culinary Kidney Cooks

RE:     'Cooking for Kurt & Dean'

My husband and son were both diagnosed with ESRD at the same time almost two years ago and they started dialysis the same week. My husband is a diabetic and my son has IgA Nephropathy. My husband has always struggled with eating the right foods and my son is very careful about what he eats. 

After starting dialysis my husband struggled with thirst while my son just couldn’t seem to keep his phosphorus levels low. Threatened with having his parathyroid removed my son was at his wits end trying to get his phosphorus levels low enough to avoid the surgery. My husband on the other hand became frantic about the type of food we were eating because his dialysis ‘report card’ was not looking good. 

I had tried in the past to cook food that was healthy for them to eat but to no avail. My husband said the food had no taste and as a result was always putting things into his mouth that were not good for him as a diabetic, hypertensive on dialysis. My son kept doggedly trying to eat the things he should but was really unhappy about the results in getting his phosphorus levels lower.

I prayed for an answer to both of their problems and concerns and was led to Culinary Kidney Cooks. I am not sure just how I found the site but I believe I did a search in Google and found it. I read through the entire site and ordered the cookbook and pyramid sheets. I told my son what I had done but not my husband as I wanted to have him taste them before knowing that they had come from a renal cookbook. 

I received the cookbook last Friday, decided to cook for the whole family from the cookbook and made our first meal out of it that night for dinner. My 15 and 20 year old sons (not dialysis patients) loved the oven fried chicken, carrots with lemon and herbs and lemon rice that I had prepared and so did my husband and my son. I love the short easy to follow recipes, the size of the book and the stand that came with it is wonderful! 

My husband and son have eaten only food prepared from the cookbook for one week and the results have been astounding! My husband is no longer as thirsty, eats much less than he did and his dry weight has dropped. But the most wonderful results were for my son. His phosphorus levels dropped from 11 to 6! 

We are all very happy not only with the results we have seen in only one week but also with the flavor and the variety of the food. I cannot thank you enough for this wonderful cookbook and wish that you would make one for hypertensive and diabetic patients to help them to stay off of dialysis.

Susann Gardner  
Harvest, AL

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